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e-polo photos copyright by DrewsViews Photography

World Cup of e-polo in Stockholm

The Cup was played at the Zinkensdamm Arena from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th of July 2019.

The tournament was be played according to the latest ISPA Segway Polo Rules

The tournament was official ISPA-sanctioned event and arranged in conjunction with the ISPA International Segway Polo Association.

Placement of the 12 Teams that was playing in the World Cup in Stockholm.

  1st place - Team Barbados – Barbados
  2nd place - Balver Mammuts – Balve, Germany
  3rd place - Stockholm Saints – Stockholm, Sweden

  4th place - Hemer Butterflies – Hemer, Germany
  5th place - Aixdrive Eagles – Belgium

  6th place - Funky-Move Turtles – Lohmar, Germany 

  7th place - Blade Allstars – Solingen, Germany7 7th

  8th place - Balver Cavemen – Balve, Germany
  9th place - The Barbarians – England

10th place - X-Turtles – Lohmar, Germany

11th place - Team Chaos - US

12th place - Hannover HotWheels – Hannover, Germany

Thanks all teams for participating!

World Cup 2019 Sponsors

soon to be announced

"We are thanking the sponsors for the World Cup in e-polo in Stockholm, your support was making the event possible." - Alexander van Riesen, Event Manager, World Cup 2019 of e-polo